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Просмотр сообщений

Автор:  SETARE KHAVARE MIYANE CO.,  ESMIZADEH AZIM (написать письмо).   Дата: 10.09.19 11:34.   Просмотров: 30.   Информация об авторе
Aviation Fuel Jet A (minus 40 deg C Freezing Point) CIF ASWP
We are pleased to offer the product described below on CIF delivery basis to any safe world port.
Offer Code:
Aviation Fuel Jet A (minus 40 deg C Freezing Point)
Russian Federation.
Quantity :
2,000,000 bbls (Minimum) to 3,000,000 bbls per month x 12 months
NWE Platts less US$ 8.00 per barrel (Gross) / US$ 6.00 per barrel Net to Buyer.
US$2 to be shared 50:50 Buy side (OPEN) and Sell side (CLOSED).
By SGS or equivalent
1. Seller’s representative issues Soft Offer to Buyer. NB: Please note that we are only able to issue SCO to Buyers who submit official enquiries as LOIs.
2. Buyer issues ICPO with wording that mirrors the Soft Offer, with Company profile or Import License and full banking coordinates, along with Buyer’s passport scan. ICPO should be issued with proof of Funds (PoF) with authority to verify to the
3. The NCND/IMFPA is completed and signed by Buyer, Buyer Mandate Group and all Intermediaries and passed to Seller Side for completion.
4. Seller issue contract to Buyer open for amendment if any.
5. Both Parties, Seller and Buyer, sign contract and both lodge signed contract with their respective banks.
6. Within 5 banking days after both parties sign the contract , Buyer’s bank issues inoperative DLC MT700 or inoperative confirmed Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) via SWIFT MT760 to Seller’s assigned bank.
7. Within 2 banking days after confirmation of receipt of the DLC or SBLC from the Buyer’s bank, Seller’s bank issue 2% performance bond to Buyer’s bank and this makes the inoperative DLC or SBLC issued by the Buyer to the Seller to become operative.
8. Within 10 banking days after positive verification of the DLC or SBLC from Buyer’s bank, Seller will issue FULL POP to Buyer by Email.
a. Copy of Commercial Invoice.
b. Copy of Statement of Availability of the Product.
c. Copy of the Refinery Commitment to Produce the Product.
d. Copy of Q & Q report by refinery lab.
e. DTA for Buyer to conduct Q&Q at loading port (optional).
f. Copy of Vessel Questionnaire 88
g. Copy of Bill of Lading.
h. Certificate of Origin.
9. Within 2 banking days after Seller issues FULL POP to Buyer, commodity delivery commences.
- Buyer submits the Port tank storage details to the Seller. Seller delivers the product to the port and at the port, buyer’s inspection agents conduct inspection on behalf of the buyer to ascertain the quantity and quality of the product in the vessel in the port. Within 2 days of successful completion of the dip test, Buyer pays for the product by MT103/TT. Product is transferred to buyer's port storage tank with all shipping documentation and title is transferred to buyer.
10. Seller pays commission to Seller Side and Buyer side commissions and this completes the trial phase.:
A. 50%: Seller Side: (50% Closed to Seller Side)
B. 50%: Buyer side: (50% Open to Buyer Mandate & Intermediaries)
The agreed commission will be included within an Irrevocable Master Fee, Protection Agreement (IMFPA) to be signed between the buyer and the seller, of each party prior to issuance of the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA).
11. Contract Phase commences and Buyer’s bank will issue revolving DLC or new SBLC for 12 Months of subsequent shipping and Seller opens 2% PB to buyer’s bank for 12-month contract sales of products.
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