On NGE trading platform you can find information on supply and demand for gasoline, industrial and fuel oil, engine oil, black oil fuel, bitumen, oil, gas and other products produced by Russian companies.
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PETROCHEMICALS Russian market Export from Russian Federation
11 (+0)
232 (+127)
2 (+0)
0 (+0)
Car gasoline1 66 (47)   
Other types of gasoline2 1   
Bitumen  7 (3)   
Natural gas      
Liquefied gas  35 (22)   
Gas condensate1 10   
Diesel oil1 64 (35)1  
Jet petroleum  10 (5)   
Residual oil1 12 (7)   
Oil. Hydraulic oil       
Oil. Industrial oil 1     
Oil. Compressor oil      
Oil. Engine oil      
Oil. Transmission gear oil      
Oil. Dielectrical oil      
Oil. Tturbine oil       
Oils and lubricants. Coolant-cutting fluid      
Fuel oil2 51  
Oil and oil product waste 1     
Oil and fuel additives      
Stove and marine fuels1 12 (3)   
Solid carbohydrates  3 (1)   
Fuels and lubricants. oil products  7 (4)   

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